how to avoid mortgage insurance


  1. – Mortgage insurance comes in two basic kinds with nearly similar initials: Private Mortgage Insurance, also known as PMI or Mortgage Insurance Premium, also known as MIP. While the MIP is a must , there a couple of ways you can avoid the PMI – We‘ve summarized eveyrything you need to know:

    How to Avoid Mortgage Insurance or at least reduce it. – Learn how to avoid mortgage insurance, or at least reduce it, to save you thousands of dollars and it may get you into a home sooner. Here we discuss how to avoid mortgage insurance and if you can’t avoid it, then we show you several ways to reduce lenders mortgage insurance .

    Colin We are adding 1000 sf upstairs during a home improvement and plan to pay part cash and a 2nd lien loan for the improvement. We are close to the 80% at the moment but have turned a 4 bedroom into a 2 bedroom by opening up the home and removing walls – amazing outcome.