Under Other Than Honorable Conditions Uothc Discharge

If your commander recommends you receive an Under Other Than honorable conditions (uothc) discharge you can present your case to a board of officers who will decide if you are separated and if so what characterization of service you will get.

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The final form of administrative discharge is an "Under Other than Honorable Conditions" Discharge. It is the least favorable type of administrative discharge from the Army. According to AR 635-200, an OTH Discharge is reserved for a "pattern of behavior that constitutes a significant departure from the conduct expected of Soldiers of the.

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OTH — Other than Honorable GEN — General (under honorable conditions) HON — Honorable Discharge E — Eligible NE — Not Eligible A — Eligible only if the administering agency determines that, for its purposes, the discharge was not under dishonorable conditions. DD BCD bcd oth gen hon GCM SPCM VA Benefits Wartime disability compensation NE A A A E E Wartime death.

DD-214 discharge papers are not issued upon conditional discharge. But if you completed your second period of service and received a discharge under other than honorable conditions ("bad" paper), you still might be eligible for VA benefits in some cases.

 · Generally, in order to receive VA benefits and services, the Veteran’s character of discharge or service must be under "other than dishonorable" conditions (e.g., honorable, under honorable conditions, general) as stated by VA policy.

01/12/2008  · A General discharge may disqualify a veteran from participation in the GI Bill, service on veteran’s commissions, and other programs where an honorable discharge is required. An Under Other than Honorable conditions (uothc) discharge is the most severe form of an administrative discharge.

Under Other Than Honorable Conditions (UOTHC) – This is the worst service characterization that can be given for an administrative discharge. It means that the servicemember did not meet the expected levels of conduct and/or performance required of military members.

These would be in descending order from most favorable to least favorable; Honorable, General (under Honorable Conditions), Other Than Honorable, bad conduct discharge, and Dishonorable Discharge.