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Cyber Smarts V.P. Credit Union is raising awareness through its new CyberSmarts webpage and encouraging its membership to be vigilant with the protection of their personal financial data at all times.

Credit lines reduce the need for multiple capital calls and mean that managers can stay liquid without needing to hold large cash reserves. Seeking to improve their treasury operations, private equity-style managers are increasingly using ‘subscription line’ banking facilities.

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Subscription-secured credit facilities: basic credit-related issues for secured lenders. Rather, the effectiveness of the termination of the pay-in period (which in any event should not apply to contributions for then-outstanding extensions of credit) should be conditioned on receipt by the Lender of the notice.

Financing ‘trick’ boosts lucrative private equity fees.. some institutional investors support subscription line financing and even encourage private equity managers to use these facilities.

From: Howard Marks . Re: Lines in the Sand . In my 2016 year-end review, which went only to clients, I included a discussion of the use of subscription lines by closed-end funds in areas such as private equity, real estate, distressed debt and private credit. It’s my impression that their use has become fairly pervasive in recent years, and in

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When the company was unable to raise said funds, the company’s main lender pulled its existing line of credit, causing the company’s management and board to begin winding down operations around the.

Secured business line of credit: In a secured business line of credit, the lender asks the borrower to pledge their assets against the loan as collateral. Since this is a temporary liability, the lender may accept inventory or accounts receivable as collateral.

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