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Realtors share info on changes to FHA – Effective Oct. 4, in accordance with the final Federal Register Notice on minimum decision credit scores, the new credit requirements for FHA loans are. an additional refinancing option for.

Differences Between FHA Streamline and FHA Short Refinance – Differences Between FHA Streamline and FHA Short Refinance. August 4, 2017 By JMcHood. Facebook.. are either a current FHA customer and qualify for the streamline program or a non-FHA customer who qualifies for the short refinance. Beyond that, the loans are the same. You get an FHA insured loan.

Government Refinance Assistance – The idea of the fha short refinance program was to give lenders some incentive to avoid foreclosing on distressed, underwater homeowners by refinancing them in to an FHA loan at the current market value of the home. The primary incentive was supposed to be that doing so would cost lenders less money than foreclosing.

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FHA Streamline Refinance: One of the best things about FHA loans is the ability to Streamline Refinance. This is the easiest way to refinance as there is no credit qualifying, no income verification, and no appraisals required.

The FHA Short Refinance option is open to those who are current on their existing mortgage-but the lender must agree to forgive at least 10% of the unpaid principal on the original note to bring the combined loan-to-value ratio to a maximum 115%.

What is an FHA Short Refinance Program? – FHA short refinance is an assistance program being offered by the federal home authority to homeowners who owe more than home is worth. This means that the home would sell for less than what mortgage amount is. basically, the loan value is greater than the principle of the home.

The FHA short refinance option is a refinancing plan for borrowers who do not have FHA loans and are current on their mortgage payments, but are underwater on their mortgages.

Update on the FHA Short Refi Program – Bills.com – Under the FHA Short Refinance program, a lender reduces the principal balance on the mortgage. The reduced-balance loan then passes from the private hands of the lender or investor that owns the loan to a loan that is guaranteed by the federal government.

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