buying a duplex and renting out half

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 · One of my favorite blogs to follow, Get Rich Slowly, recently published reader stories: I bought a duplex to save money on rent.The author of the post describes how he used an FHA mortgage to buy a duplex and with renting out the unit he was not living in, he wound up paying less for his housing than when he was renting.

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Buying a duplex and living in one half while renting out the other half seems like a smart idea – and it can be a very good investment! However, like all investments, there are always some downfalls to take into account. Let’s explore the pros and cons of having an owner-occupied duplex and see if it’s the right fit for you.

Whether you’re looking to buy a home for your family or planning to get into real estate, buying a duplex could be a good investment. You can rent both units out separately or live in one yourself and raise money to pay the mortgage by renting out the other half of the property.

Rent out both units. Owning a duplex is an easier way to become a landlord with multiple tenants. It’s often cheaper than buying two single-family houses.

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Single dad making $13/hr. how do I get ahead? I'm considering lowering my cost of living by buying a duplex and renting out the larger half (if there is a smaller/larger difference). Now on.

By buying a duplex, renting out half of it and living in the other half, I was able to be a homeowner for far less per month than if I had purchased a single family.

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 · Morning! So we’re three weeks into our house hunting journey now, and I gotta admit – I’m starting to come around to it more 🙂 Between y’all’s emails of encouragement, and my wife’s desire to finally lay down roots in the city I love, I can feel the excitement bubbling inside of me as well.. Even if it’s just to see how fast we can become mortgage-free again!